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UNEDI is one of Africa’s leading entrepreneurship institute providing high quality research, training, education, mentorship, coaching and advisory services that is helping to shape the development of mindful leadership in complex situations, projects design and management based on sound entrepreneurship culture thought and practice in Uganda and Africa at large


The vision of UNEDI is a country with a new generation of principle –centered, ethically minded; socially conscious decision makers with integrity and a global perspective in the world of Business.


To act as a brain trust for strengthening Entrepreneurship at National and Regional levels and create a winning edge to both the Private and Public sector by way of its services and by parading a focused approach to strengthen the business environment.

Strategic Objectives

Identify barriers to entrepreneurial development in Uganda

To advocate for policies that address these barriers, provide a conducive environment for entrepreneurs and draw the attention of policy makers to these problems

Set up a network to facilitate co-operation and co-ordination between entrepreneurs and related individuals/institutions

Design and implement an array of support mechanisms for entrepreneurs including training, education and consultancy; and Research

Promote the activities of the Institute and create public entrepreneurial awareness among rural communities and students at all levels

Our goal:

“Be a leader in Entrepreneurship development.”

Quality Training

UNEDI is a national resource development institution committed to entrepreneurship education, training and research. The institute strives to provide innovative training techniques, competent faculty support, consultancy, research and quality teaching and development of training materials

1,000+ happy students joined with us to achieve their goals

High-quality, participatory training is a hallmark of UNEDI’s approach to business empowerment over the years. An appreciative approach builds gender-balanced opportunities for leadership and development among all levels of society. Whether in a global, regional or in-country setting, UNEDI seeks to transform individual business while building stronger and more effective organizations. This approach recognizes that an effective enterprise facilitates change across multiple levels i.e.

  • Individual: transforming the leadership and entrepreneur skills of the individual;
  • Community: mobilizing communities to prioritize needs and participate in decision- making;
  • Organization: building institutional sustainability and effectiveness;
  • Society: challenging gender inequality and strengthening civil society.
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Associated with leading universities globally and the business industry, UNEDI uniquely combines practice with education and research at local, national and international level. We aim to advance mindfulness and entrepreneurship culture thought aimed at producing students that create businesses of sustainable quality, durability and have the scalability to generate decent employment in Africa.


  • 2015
    Heroes for Children award
  • 2016
    Education Agency of the Year
  • 2017
    National Teacher of the Year
  • 2018
    Best education agency 2018
  • 2019
    Teacher of the nation (2nd place)
  • 2020
    Best Independent Education Agency

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Gerard Caneba


Olive Lumonya Birungi

Vice chair person

Michael Muhumuza

Board member(Directors)

Fred Mukoka Mugambe

Board member(Directors)