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UNEDI provides an expertly international hands on business and development work experience infused with cultural immersion to international students seeking internship experience in Uganda or other parts of Africa. We treat our interns to two major international training programs. The first programme being Africa Practical Professional Learning Experience (APPLE) conducted throughout the internship and includes orientation, while the second program being the Planning & Leadership of Unequaled Score (PLUS) conducted at the end of the internship or volunteer program, all combined as an APPLE- PLUS Program. This tripartite training program is provided by UNEDI in partnership with the International Policy Center for Sustainable Development (IPC4SD) UK, the Africa Council of Small Business and Entrepreneurship (ACOSBE).

APPLE-PLUS provides quality building blocks for startups in launching own project or business and an international career with Corporate institutions, non-profit agencies, development agencies, donors and public sector institutions with the right competencies, skills and abilities needed to fulfill the practicum requirement for a robust career.

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Practical training, mentorship and certified courses to support your personal and organization development

We provide a wide range of practical training, mentorship and certified courses delivered by experts to support your professional career development. Alongside our scheduled training calendar, tailored and on-demand training to build your organization’s capacity is also available

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Through internship program gain an expertly practical skill, competency and abilities to support social impact development work.

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How Volunteers come from all kinds of backgrounds. They're just out of college, mid-career, business executives, Professionals or Retired Executives and they reflect the rich cultural diversity of the world resources to support and create positive social impact and development

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Get involved as groups of business executives, faculty students-led breaks, holiday development expert’s excursion in volunteering, fundraising with and Overseas Study Groups Excursion (OSGE)

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Your work with and for social impact

Resources to help you have an impact: whether you’re a social impact mission worker, Volunteer or entrepreneur looking for ways to transform your business, project or vulnerable communities and are looking for toolkits and ready to go activities, an advocate looking for reports you can cite in a brief, or a journalist looking for reliable data, UNEDI resources can help your work on issues affecting communities worldwide

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Work Internship (4weeks To 52 Weeks)

UNEDI’S Internship and apprenticeship programs offers an expertly practical skills and an amazing professional development experience few other organizations can, the programs are an opportunity to make a large-scale impact to people’s lives or institutions. The changes you make will manifest before even you return home and endure even after you leave the country or project resulting to novel outcomes

Our goal is to enable you the much needed smart practical skills, competency and abilities through hands-on field work as you contribute towards improving the welfare and well-being of vulnerable communities thus contributing to sustainable development better outcomes in a cross-cultural setting

An intern is here defined as a temporary position with an emphasis on-the-job training rather than merely employment or volunteering, and it is unpaid internship. The target group for this initiative is youth undergoing training at an education institution such as universities, vocational institutes, technical colleges or polytechnics. Also, youth participating in non-formal vocational training programs do qualify. Students and degree holders from higher education institutions are also eligible

NB: Applicants should note that host projects will ensure that interns are properly supervised and have an opportunity to obtain the intended practice experience. Below are some of the programs you can apply to participate in for your internships, apprenticeship

Empowerment of Voluntary Organizations to Kindle Employment (EVOKE)


This activity involves working with CBOs or NGOs or social impact projects being supported by UNEDI on issues related to strengthening organization’s internal and external systems for better service delivery outcomes as a community philanthropy organization, developing and delivering scalable solutions that drive financial inclusion for the ultra-poor in emerging markets, improve granting making systems, governance and management structures, upgrading internal systems to incorporate modern internal operations manuals, streamlining internal and external fundraising campaigns with new resource mobilization strategy, set up and installation of automated financial systems and recruitment of competent staff and volunteers in specialized fields of sustainable development

Community Empowerment Training Outreaches (CETO)

CETO alternates around community outreach training activities on mindset change, financial literacy, rural entrepreneurship, conservation farming and Climate Smart Agriculture, child care, nutritional food security, drama, sports and music, environment protection, wild life conservation, primary and secondary teaching, nursing and midwifery, community health and Sanitation and Business development services for MSMEs and corporate institutions


SMARTHOST- Refugee Program

Although the movement of asylum seekers and refugees to the industrialized world captures much attention, the reality is that 85 percent are hosted in developing countries—which are taking on a growing share of the world’s humanitarian burden according to a report from Migration Policy Institute, by Tessa Coggio Published on 31 Oct 2018. Uganda, with an annual per capita income of U.S. $ 725.00, is home to more refugees than any other country in Africa and has the third-largest refugee population of any nation, after Turkey and Pakistan according to UNHCR-Global trends on forced displacement in 2018. Over 1.7 million refugees are estimated to be in Uganda by 2020. Therefore, with few resources to offer to so many displaced people, Uganda represents a case study for generous refugee-hosting policies in otherwise challenging conditions. Refugees from over eight countries of South Sudan, Dem. Rep. of the Congo, Burundi, Somalia, Rwanda, Eritrea, Sudan and Ethiopia are hosted in Uganda

In view of this backdrop and as part of her humanitarian assistance program, UNEDI launched a refuge response program known as Service Mechanism Accelerator for Refugees’ Tenacity through Host Communities (SMARTHOST) (SMARTHOST) to Support and provide humanitarian assistance that embodies quality interpretation, enabling vital communication with refugees and migrants through the deployment of interpreters, trained and certified UNEDI e language Center in host community languages and dialects; the education and integration of refugees and migrants through education programs, English lessons and other languages, multilingual support guides and remedial education for children that enables access to the right to education, climate smart agriculture work-readiness and as soft-skills training, traineeship opportunities and work placements; Protection and support of other vulnerable groups through the provision of legal aid to asylum seekers, certification of victims of torture and deployment of humanitarian aid wherever needed and; protection of unaccompanied and separated children, through a comprehensive safety net of activities of guardianship, foster families and support independent living

Humanitarian Interns will work with UNEDI staff to pursue solutions for the housing and protection of the unaccompanied minors, establish collaboration with international entities or professional individuals and organizations in other countries to look at different models that have been implemented for decades as well as best practices in line with Uganda refugee host best practices and then launch this groundbreaking activity. Focus will be placed on provision of safe environment for the unaccompanied minors. The program will offer an alternative initiative regarding care provision, of unaccompanied minors 16-18, identified or asylum seekers, irrelevant of nationality. It seeks to offer apart from safe housing, a series of services that cover their basic needs (education, health, psychosocial development, legal aid, interpretation etc), along with a proper level of care and guardianship. Emphasis is being placed to setting targets, boosting self-esteem and self-preservation, developing their personalities, improving and empowering the skills development to earn income in the market. This will enable their smooth coming of age and integration into East African Communities. The programme is framed by an interdisciplinary team consisting of volunteer social workers, psychologist and other caretakers and offers psychosocial support with a view to the teenagers’ gradual independence

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Research Internship

Our research internship applies both a step-by-step modified action and application –oriented field based research approach. It ensures that community members gain knowledge and skills for transformation, increased production, productivity, value addition and market requirements. The program puts emphasis on community participation where researchers work together with community members, engaging with our community partners in researching local issues and developing potential solutions. The participation and engagement community members involves each step of the way starting from defining the research question to analyzing the research findings.

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Overseas Study Group Excursions (OSGE)

Overseas Study Group Excursions (OSGE) is the most amazing and interactive global exchange program one should not miss. OSGE brings together groups of students-led alternative breaks, faculty–led initiatives, research teams, corporate executives including groups of families and friends or church mission groups from around the world to work with UNEDI in local communities and organizations in Uganda and parts of Africa on critical development projects and solving dire community problems through donating time or as social corporate responsibility initiative.

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You can make a difference by volunteering with us as a way of giving back to community. Your skills as an engineer, contractor or social worker to sensitize the communities or construct a green toilet are needed. Volunteering is a great way to be part of UNEDI transformational team.

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