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Female Youth Support Programs

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Applications for GASP 2023-2024 are now open

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GASP Important Dates

1st semester

Application Opens 15th December every year & Closes 1st April

2nd semester

Application Opens 15th April every year & Closes 15th August

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Applications for GAMA 2023-2024 are now OPEN

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GAMA Important Dates

November 27th every year
Application Opens

1st April every year
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GASP 2023

Program Highlights

Two Amazing Bootcamps
Projects startup funds
Joining the UNEDI Innovation Hub
Field Trips in Uganda and Abroad

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UNEDI Female Youth Support

Life after Campus can be difficult and most terrifying experience for girls if not well prepared.

GAMA Program Highlights

UNEDI Female Youth Support

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UNEDI’S GASP and GAMA programs are uniquely designed to bring out self-worthiness in a woman, creating a purposeful and resource person capable of making a positive impact on the family, local communities, nation building and global reach

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The Remaking of a woman who builds a Family and Nation


UNED’S GASP and GAMA mentorship offers a wide range of outstanding array of customized services ranging from focused group facilitation and research, to individual personal consultations and webinars to enhance candidate’s personal competencies, abilities and skills to deliver, engage and outsmart obstacles and challenges, remove mental limitation and barriers to success. Participants are peered every after 21 days (three weeks) in small groups and assigned mentors drawn from corporate business executives, entrepreneurs, policy makers and expert from development agencies and donor agencies.

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High-quality, participatory training is a hallmark of UNEDI’s approach to business empowerment over the years. An appreciative approach builds gender-balanced opportunities for leadership and development among all levels of society. Whether in a global, regional, or in-country setting, UNEDI seeks to transform individual businesses while building stronger and more effective organizations. This approach recognizes that an effective enterprise facilitates change across multiple levels i.e

  • Individual - transforming the leadership and entrepreneur skills of the individual
  • Community - mobilizing communities to prioritize needs and participate in decision-making
  • Organization - building institutional sustainability and effectiveness
  • Society - challenges gender inequality and strengthens shared and inclusive growth

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Field Experiencing
UNEDI Female Youth Support Program

Ms. Kusuro Priscilla on the right holding a bottle hosting a summit of 1000 youths. Priscila was the first cohort member of GASP programme in 2016. She was able to successfully initiate and launch Sabinyi Transformation Initiative (STI) to address girl child issues in her community especiallly the FGM, early pregnancies and mariages.

Click/Tap here to see what Priscilla is doing in her community

UNEDI Female Youth Support Program

Priscilla 3rd on the right, holding a banner during the launch of her STI initiative in 2016

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GASP Programme Highlights

GASP is a high-impact entrepreneurial activity designed help girls studying at post-secondary college and university level to get free career guidance, responsible business and job markets mentorship. This is in addition to being guided on how to practice savings culture and be financially banked. The aim is to enable girls to have a safe landing after their academic programs at college or university level and smartly fit into the job market and the business world. GASP contributes to the national resource development base by reducing risks associated with job hunting after college, as many girls find themselves in a dilemma of housing, food, and access to health care as they remain in cities to look jobs thus cohabiting and landing into unwanted relations/sex, pregnancies and HIV/AIDS caused by the situation of lack. GASP seeks to mitigate this distress and other types of exploitation, such as early child bearing, early and forced marriages, ensure women’s full potential to participation in equal opportunities and have access to shared and inclusive prosperity by enabling girls to dive into early preparation and planning. GASP activities are currently limited to Uganda citizens, legal residents and refugees

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GAMA Programme Highlights

Global Girl Agenda Mentoring Academy (GAMA) is both onsite and virtual 24 months’ mentorship, training and global field experience program designed to bring a groups diversity girls in cohorts of 25 female youths for networking, peer to peer education, training, coaching and UNEDI field GAMA experience hosted in various locations around the world. GAMA targets girls below the age of 27 with ambitions to transform the world around five theme areas of; (i) Climate change mitigation and adaptation, (ii) financial inclusion and venture capital building, (iii) food security and agribusiness sector development, (iv) ICT for development, and (v) early childhood development. The program has four onsite residential academies while the rest of the program activities are done virtually

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Ms. Kusuro Priscilla
Ms. Kusuro Priscilla

Founder and CEO Sabinyi transformation initiative (STI)

Rehema Nandongo
Rehema Nandongo

Founder and CEO, Bugwere Women’s Empowerment Foundation (BUWEF)

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You can make a difference by volunteering with us as a way of giving back to community. Your skills as an engineer, contractor or social worker to sensitize the communities or construct a green toilet are needed. Volunteering is a great way to be part of UNEDI transformational team.

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UNEDI Training

Rehema Nadongo distributing poultry chicks to members of BUWEF. Rehema is making serious impact. Do not miss GASP 2023-24 for your journey to success.

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