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UNEDI Global Fellowships

UNEDI Global Entrepreneurship Fellowship Programme(UGEFP)

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UNEDI Global Fellowships

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December 15, 2022
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March 1, 2023
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UNEDI Global Entrepreneurship Fellowship Program (UGEFP) is one of the amazing entrepreneurship journey that is carefully crafted for emerging leaders, entrepreneurs, and social impact entrepreneurs to ignite and accelerate their full potential toward creating business solutions that are scalable, durable, and of sustainable quality.

The program is funded by the International Policy Centre for Sustainable Development (IPC4SD), SNC International, and is powered by the Africa Council of Small Business and Entrepreneurship (ACOSBE). UGEFP seeks to train high-impact social entrepreneurs and professionals through a residence-in-executive program. Fellows spend between 6 to 12 months as residents-in-executives at UNEDI or at ACOSBE to work, research, initiate and launch initiatives or start business ventures that help shape society towards inclusive and shared prosperity.

The program targets young people with big dreams and ambitions who want to turn those dreams and ambitions into real tangible projects or businesses and succeed in providing solutions to humanity and creating jobs.

Choose Your Preferred Fellowship from Our Three Amazing Programs


Are you interested in getting involved in community outreach training activities such as;

  • mindset change
  • financial literacy
  • rural entrepreneurship
  • conservation farming
  • climate-smart agriculture
  • child care
  • nutritional food security
  • environment protection
  • wildlife conservation
  • primary and secondary teaching
  • nursing and midwifery
  • community primary health care, hygiene, and sanitation etc.

Then Community Empowerment and Ttransformational Outreaches (CETO) Fellowship program is the best for you

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Are you interested in helping or working with working with social impact CBOs or NGOs (non-state actors) in;

  • strengthening the organization’s internal and external systems for better service delivery
  • developing and delivering scalable solutions that drive financial inclusion for the ultra-poor in emerging markets
  • improve local granting making systems, governance and management structures, upgrading internal systems to incorporate modern internal operations manuals
  • streamlining internal and external fundraising campaigns
  • set up and installation of automated financial systems?

Then the Empowerment of Voluntary Organizations to Kindle Employment (EVOKE) is the program for you

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Are you interested in getting involved in developing mindful leadership and entrepreneurship skills that support and provide humanitarian assistance of enabling refugee to earn income through the market among host communities and embodies quality interpretation, enabling vital communication with refugees and migrants through the deployment of interpreters, skillfully trained and certified smarthost fellows by UNEDI in host communities languages and dialects;

Provide integration of refugees and migrants through mindful leadership and entrepreneurship skills education programs, language lessons, multilingual support guides and remedial education for children that enables access to the right to education, climate-smart agriculture work-readiness and soft-skills training, talent development, traineeship opportunities and work placements;

Provision of protection and support of other vulnerable groups through the provision of legal aid to asylum seekers, certification of victims of torture and deployment of humanitarian aid wherever needed and; protection of unaccompanied and separated children, through a comprehensive safety net of activities of guardianship, foster families and support independent living. Then the Service Mechanism Accelerator for Refugees’ Tenacity through Host communities (SMARTHOST) is the program for you.

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Program Sponsorship Highlights

The fellowship has three levels of entry as outlined below.

Fully Self-Sponsored Category:

This applies to the nationals of developed economies and economies in transition as classified by the world bank's Country classification Document of 2014 and other individuals from developing economies who are desirous of supporting UNEDI’s work by paying full program tuition costs including living expenses during their fellowship in Uganda. The program tuition fees per month are USD 1000 and living expenses in Uganda are estimated between USD 500 and USD 850 Per month on budget.

Partially –Sponsored Program:

This category targets individuals of all nationalities who would like to spend their time and skill to work with UNEDI as Fellows in return for a tuition fee waiver but are able to meet their living expenses while at the UNEDI.

Fully Sponsored Program Program:

This program category was established by UNEDI founder and CEO Mr. Samuel Niiwo, through his Samuel Niiwo Center (SNC). SNC provides scholarship assistance to individuals from vulnerable communities and families who are striving to achieve or have the potential to achieve great impact but are constrained by resources to access business development services towards self-determination. SNC defines vulnerable youths, as people who were orphaned at an early age, have been affected by domestic violence, family separations, civil conflicts, or are from hard-to-reach areas. The scholarship caters to full tuition fees and living expenses during the program. Applicants seeking sponsorship can feel in the SNC scholarship section on this Fellowship application form for there is no other separate application. The category has limited spaces of only 5 fellows per year.


Dan Kagaha Atuwaire
Dr. Dan Kagaha, Atuwaire

President and CEO Kampala Medical & Allied Health Workers Cooperative

Thurman Niiwo
Thurman Niiwo

President and CEO, Thurman Health Niiwo Health Care Initiative

Waiswa Ali
Ali Waiswa

President and CEO Afro Delegates Foundation

Ruth Kangave
Ruth Kangave

CO-Founder and Secretary General, Professional Urban Planners Association of East Africa (PUPAEA)

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