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House Wash Project

Holistic Ultra-Poor-Graduation, Sustainable Environment, Water Access, Sanitation and Hygiene (House-Wash) is an application-oriented and field based research project being implemented by UNEDI Research, Advisory and Consultancy Services (URACS). The project is designed to address poverty alienation, environmental restoration solutions repair, renew and conservation, clean water access, sanitation and Hygiene improvement among households through UNEDI entrepreneurship cultural thought practice modelling. House-Wash Project builds on twelve activity pillars of;

Provision of Health Education, Social Behavior Change Communication (HSBCC) Sensitization and promotion

Skilling in sanitation and hygienic homestead compound landscaping, paving, gardening and greening

Skilling in Construction and production of building material (Pavers, bricks & blocks -making, and stone lapidary

Support to family house improvement (repairs, maintain and construction) for modernisation

Skilling and support to construction of green houses, chicken coop/house, and barn – to provide shelter for crops, livestock and livestock feeds and other storage such grain and hay

Skilling & mentorship in agroforestry (fruit trees planting) of avocados, jackfruits, mangoes, oranges, soursop for the benefits of environmental repair, income boost, nutrition, & natural herbs

Provision of dairy cows for milk and other livestock for fertilizer production, income boost and nutritional food security

Skilling and support to backyard farming with nutritional sensitive crops and livestock keeping

Deep water excavation & water tank supply installation

Provision of wonderloo or green toilets for sanitation and fertilizer production

Supply of bio digester for gas and fertilizer production

Support to acquisition of Household Early Child Development apparatuses, Kits & play area

UNEDI House-Wash Project

Modernization does require a lot investment; an entrepreneurial mindset can transition to modernity with the limited resources available. UNEDI Household Entrepreneurship Modelling through House-Wash Project is experimenting solution in rural Uganda

Family Entrepreneurship at the Household Homesteads improves nutritional food security, empowers women and prepares children with better understanding of home economics and imparts responsible life skills and leadership

UNEDI House-Wash Project

UNEDI provides high-impact training, mentorship and coaching towards better career growth, self-employment and business expansion.

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