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Delivery of climate smart entrepreneurship learning that builds and shapes resilient communities to withstand, recover from shocks of climate change & Environment degradation then thrive, turning problems into business opportunities.

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Stimulating Innovations and Solutions that drive Access to Climate Smart Income Boost in Uganda’s Landscape Ecosystems

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Delivering Smart Climate Action Entrepreneurship in the Landscape Ecosystems of Karamonja, Elgon area, Busoga sub region, Rwenzori and Bunyoro- Albertine region.

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His Majesty, William Nadiope IV, the Kyabazinga (King) of Busoga with American tourist at the source of River Nile. The River Nile Land Ecosystem is currently threatened by commercial and subsistence farming, sand mining and deforestation along the river buffer zones, compromising the potential of the buffer zones and river ecosystems. This is increasing soil erosion and sedimentation. According to Ministry of water and environment, 2017 report of stakeholder engagement and participation in catchment management planning, Sand mining on buffer of the River Nile is rampart and uncontrolled and its mainly practiced by the youths. UPSCALE seeks to turn the situation around.


What is UPSCALE?

UPSCALE stands for “Uganda Programme for Smart Climate Actions in Landscape Ecosystems.” This project was designed to promote climate smart entrepreneurial activities within the Landscape Ecosystems, by enabling populations therein learn, and adapt to entrepreneurship cultural thought practice that builds better livelihood systems, combining innovations, the use locally and readily available resources with ecological restoration solutions repair, renew and conservation of natural habitats —for both environmental and human benefit — across several value chains.

Developing Alternative Livelihood systems within Uganda’s Landscape Ecosystem

Ecological Restoration, Repair and Conservation

Developing Climate Smart Sustainable Value Chains that are ecologically sound


UPSCALE project seeks to develop Kagulu Hill Landscape into a Sports & Tourism Games Tourism City.

UNEDI UPSCALE project is working in partnership with Build Busoga Project effort, help residents of Kagulu sub county, Buyende District in turning the Kagulu Rock Hill Landscape into a high-impact Tourism Sports and Games City. This is coupled with planting of a carefully crafted green belt zonal layer of fruits and special herbs plant trees. The Kagulu Rock Hill lies about 10 kilometres (6 mi) away, on the shores of Lake Kyoga. To the west of Kagulu Hill, are six smaller hills in a line namely: Kagwese, Mawaale, Mpanga, Nakyeere, Bukolimo and Butadewo.

Due to the panoramic view from the top, the Kagulu Rocky hill has become a tourist attraction in the 21st century. From the top of Kagulu Hill, one can view the Victoria Nile, where it enters Lake Kyoga. There is a waterfall, where water emanates from the rocks and cascades down the hill. Exploring the caves at the bottom of the hill offers another activity to visiting travellers. Therefore, this Landscape offers enormous opportunity in the development of better livelihoods systems combining innovations with ecological restoration solutions repair, renew and conservation of natural habitats —for both environmental and human benefit — across several value chains.

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UPSCALE is helping communities near Uganda water bodies and wetland landscapes Learn alternative income to avert encroachment on water buffer zones with commercial and subsistence farming, sand mining and deforestation


UNEDI’s Senior Vice President Academic Affairs and Talent Development Expert, Dr. Muhumuza training communities of Elgon area Landscape on alternative income boost.

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