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Volunteer at UNEDI

4S− Service to Society for Success and Sustainable livelihood, Schools empowering Young people to transform & Build Vibrant communities

Volunteer at UNEDI

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4s- Service to Society for Success and Sustainable livelihood, Schools empowering Young people to transform & Build Vibrant and Sustainable

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Your Volunteering to fundraise and mobilize partners does fuel UNEDI programs that are creating Jobs to reduce poverty, fight disease, mitigate conflicts and violence around Uganda, the regions and Africa in general. You’re saving lives by helping us rescue vulnerable communities the way we do it best to build a sound entrepreneurship culture in minds and hearts of people, thus rebuild lives, Spur a vibrant community to a build a strong economy.

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We are depending on your help because of your inspiration and transforming gift of care and mindfulness for shared and inclusive growth achieved through an entrepreneurial cultural legacy


Volunteer at UNEDI
Volunteer at UNEDI Volunteer at UNEDI

Professional volunteering

Professional volunteering is when an expert or professional offers an amazing professional volunteering experience for few weeks or months to work with UNEDI on particular project or activity that will build sustainable communities – an opportunity to make a large-scale difference to people’s lives. The changes you make will endure long after you return home or your work place wherever it may be.

Volunteer at UNEDI

Use your skills and knowledge to help create Jobs thus build vibrant communities without poverty, disease, and civil strife. When you volunteer overseas, you’ll be able to use your talents to inspire more people than you’d ever imagined. Your volunteer job is planned as part of a sustainable country-wide strategy, so you can be confident that the work you are doing will have a wide and lasting impact. Your placement will be designed to complement other projects, to create lasting change across the country.

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How it Works

We aim to create service to society above self as an entrepreneurial cultural humanitarian legacy experience; something enterprising, memorable, energizing, inspiring, and informative throughout your journey with UNEDI volunteer experience as a professional UNEDI Enterprise Corp. We’ll give you comprehensive personal and professional support. We'll help you fundraise, and provide you with extensive training before your placement. UNEDI staff and the 4S Volunteer in-country teams and the network of other volunteers will also support you throughout your placement. When you come go home, we’ll help you to resettle and connect with other returned volunteers in your area, to continue making an impact long after your placement finishes

Who can volunteer as a professional UNEDI Enterprise Corp?

Right now, our partners are looking for volunteers like you. Are you ready to use your professional skills and experience to change people’s lives – including your own?

The Professional UNEDI Enterprise Corp Program welcomes volunteers from most professional backgrounds, between the ages of 24 and 75

Requirements vary according to the needs of local project, but you’ll typically need:

  • at least two years’ relevant experience in your field
  • a degree or other recognized qualification (to help secure your work permit)
  • to pass medical assessment and clearance process, and a criminal record check
  • to be willing to live and adapt to new living conditions, and be prepared to learn the local language
  • to have experience of (or interest in) mentoring others, so you can pass on your knowledge to local colleagues

Are you keen to leave your comfort zone to make a difference overseas? Check you have sufficient experience in your profession:


Do you have the skills, experience and personal qualities needed to work and live overseas? Learn about our selection procedures before you submit your volunteer application

Finding the right volunteer job

Your volunteer work with UNEDI could take you all over the world, to rural or urban communities, all with acute development needs – but all safe enough to host you. The safety and wellbeing of our volunteers and staff is paramount, and we conduct thorough risk assessments as part of our placement design process. Local partners identify their specific requirements, and then advertise these jobs to talented professionals like you

It’s important that you take the time to find the right volunteer job for you. Once you’ve browsed current UNEDI Professional Enterprise Corps Placement opportunities, you can submit your online application form to apply for that volunteer job.

If you are not ready to apply yet, or we are not currently advertising volunteer jobs that match your skill set, then you can register for UNEDI Volunteer job alerts here so we can stay in touch when suitable roles become available

Matching your skills

Our recruitment managers will review your application within two weeks of the closing date. If you are shortlisted for a role, we will invite you to participate in selection activities, including an online panel interview

As well as learning more about your skills and experience, we’ll be looking for the personal qualities that all volunteers need to meet the challenge of living and working overseas – such as flexibility and resilience. Here are some top tips for applying to volunteer with UNEDI as a professional Enterprise Corp

Ready for the challenge?

You’ll soon hear whether your application has been successful. If we place you in the role for which you applied, we’ll immediately start helping you prepare. Soon you’ll be using your skills to inspire more people than you’d ever imagined

If you successfully complete the selection process, but we offer the volunteer job to a different candidate, we will let you know about similar roles you can apply for via our job alerts. If you are shortlisted for another volunteer job, you would not need to repeat the full assessment process

Search and apply for volunteer jobs here Got questions? Contact us to get answers

Discover The Logistical Support You’ll Receive from UNEDI Logistical Support

UNEDI Logistical Support

UNEDI team will support you through your pre-departure training and preparation for your placement. We will arrange your flights, visas, accommodation and insurance. The process of being assessed, trained and preparing to leave on an international placement can take three to five months depending on your personal and professional commitments. The length of time it takes to secure your visa and work permit will also have an impact on your expected arrival date. You will be expected to undertake a criminal background check and a medical check for health insurance purposes. You will have a dedicated advisor to support you throughout the whole process

Medical Assessment and Clearance Process

You’ll need medical clearance from a medical adviser after successfully applying for placement.
UNEDI international medical advisers need detailed personal health information and you’ll have a full medical examination. This examination will usually be carried out by your family doctor, a travel health specialist or a doctor identified by UNEDI Global Service Office.

The Medical Advisers will review your medical information and decide whether your placement is medically suitable. This decision might contradict the recommendation of your family doctor or specialist who is usually responsible for your health, but it is based on our experience of medical provision in the countries where we work.
For more information please contact the Afro Delegates Foundation medical team on their confidential email at unedimedics@unedicampus.com

Training and preparation

You will have access to UNEDI Volunteer Learning Hub where you will be able to research your placement country and find information on the volunteer program that you will be part of. You will be asked to complete the online pre-departure courses and face-to-face training

Travel logistics

We’ll help arrange flights and visas, your overseas accommodation. You will meet the cost of your medical cover and any required immunizations and anti-malarial.
Becoming a UNEDI Enterprise Corp can be a huge change. But we’re here to help you every step of the way.